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About Us

Learn about our history and work

Jehos Capital is an Indonesian investment company that offers shareholders and partners third party investors potential opportunities in various asset classes.

The company manages assets in several sectors, including digital marketing, manufacturing, Consumer good, energy, construction, real estate and capital market platforms.

Founded in 2007 start with personal investment then transorm into investment company, Jehos Capital’s investment team is very focused on efficiently placing capital and investing where we can add value and provide attractive sustainable benefits to shareholders and investment partners.

Jehos Capital focuses on investment in Indonesia, in cooperation with investors or local investment partners, Jehos Capital is a gateway for foreign investors to invest in Indonesia.

Currently we are working on several ongoing investment opportunities for shareholders or investor partners, through capital market funds and placement of private investment funds. The vision of this company is to become a company that builds the economy in Indonesia better.

10 Years Of Experience in Strategy Planning

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